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Ethan -

Yes!!! And, very likely as well, the Assembly will soon pass legislation making it easier for producers (I usually call 'em 'breweries') to break contracts with wholesalers. NYS is on-track to become A Big Deal in the craft brewing world... I feel proud of my state today!

Greg -

Buy local is hard to do but the movement and will has picked up.

Sid Boggle -

What does this mean?

'...would phase in requirements that brewers use substantial amounts of New York-grown hops'.

Alan -

I think it means to qualify as "a new farm brewery license" you would have to be a brewery that used its own farmed products. The phase in would allow for the hops to get up to speed while highlighting that the farm is in the program.

Q: does Brooklyn Brewery get into farm land acquisition?

Ethan -

Brooklyn has no need. But Pederson Farms might want a brewery of their own...

Alan -

I am simply shocked by your resistance to this idea. Are you sure Community Beer Works does not need its own spread? What have you got against straw hatted grass blade sucking gingham clad lassies labouring in the fields of hops?

Ethan -

Ha ha ha... the picture you paint sounds entirely appealing, no question. But our urban location might make for something of a challenge.

Though... there certainly are vast tracts of land on Buffalo's East Side in need of a purpose. Hm. Hmmmmmm...

Alan -

Urban. Hops.