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Alan -

A little more information from R+R. The Espresso Stout is the brainchild of Anders Kissmeyer of the Nørrebro Bryghus fame, now running his own label, Kissmeyer Beer and Brewing. I met Anders briefly at Beau's fest last fall and hear he is working on some more interesting co-brew projects, including some here in Canada.

steve -

twing? 28 reviews here http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/sogaard-espresso-stout/145762/

Alan -

Twang is so much different. I know that is where you were going with that but I just can't follow you.

Thanks for the Euro-hipster ratings link! Excellent.

Steve Lamond -

have never heard of twing is all...is it a subtle twang, a light caress, rather than a taint?

Alan -

It doth remind one of the lightest touch upon a mandolin heard from the next floor up.