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Alan -

By the way, this post is not about word fascism.

Tim -

I would split your lower axis into two axes. One for flavor and one for size/type of brewing outfit. On this I would have a ridge extending from homebrew saison (the highest peak) to commercial saison to IPA. Homebrew porter is a large monadnock.

dave -

Its too bad those comments got sideswiped.
Anyway, my graph would look something similar, though the top would be over "N Am Craft", instead of "Saison and the like". My "fancy pants" beer probably wouldn't drop off as steep as yours (when a beer is expensive I know you will mention it, which I am grateful for, while others will grace over the fact), though as time progresses (or money goes to other avenues... kids, home, etc) it is showing more of a vertical slant.
It would be interesting to see how the graph progresses over time... or with different beer flavors. I know when I first started drinking better beer the citrus hop was king, but now that hump is moving over to other areas. Or smoked beers would have been flat lined at the beginning, but they have slowly started to become a 5% angle in my beer drinking.

Alan -

Thanks, Dave. Good points about how certain styles can be as disliked as poor quality. You might be "smoked beers and macros" to the left of the graph. I am still grappling with Tim's idea and how it would look in two dimensions.

Alan -

Ding sounds off on the graphical descriptor "craft" as well.