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Maureen Ogle said this about the book: "... immensely readable, sometimes slightly surreal rumination on beer in general and craft beer in particular. Funny, witty, but most important: Smart. The beer geeks will likely get all cranky about it, but Alan and Max are the masters of cranky..."

Ron Pattinson said: "I'm in a rather odd situation. Because I appear in the book. A fictional version of me. It's a weird feeling."


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Lindsay -

I'm going! It was kind of a spontaneous decision, but I couldn't be more excited. It'll be great to meet some fellow beer bloggers and sample a ton of great beer.

Sorry to hear you'll be missing it, maybe next year?

olllllo -

You are right. Elle is sincere. You are right. You are right. You are right. Zak is also right.

I went last year. If I don't attend this's year it will be because of reasons closer to the ones you listed and not because of cost or the peril of potential brainwashing.

Alan -

Lindsay, next year is AL50. I have plans. Like having an all sousaphone parade with a wooden cask of beer on a small cart led by a team of goats.

beerinator -

No one invites me to shit. Should I be happy about this?

I guess I don't actually blog, but I make internet. Which in many ways is equal to blogging, right?

Also: probably no one wants to hear me bitch in person?

Alan -

But, really, you are not like that, right. Kitten with belly exposed. That's what I heard. How far is it for you? The continental thing doesn't help. 12 hour drive for me? Sixteen stages of cultural change, too. What would happen if you and I ever met? Like something from the questionable yet compelling third episode of a 1978 four part lesser Doctor Who episode, that's what.

Another Alan -

I coincidentally took the plunge today and signed up after getting a reminder email from Elle. Who, as olllllo says, is indeed sincere. (While working hard to boost registrations.)

The 2011 conference in Portland was a ton of fun and gave me exposure to a lot of new beer and things like a trip to the hop fields during the hop harvest. Never felt like I was being brainwashed even while happily taking Deschutes and Bridgeport up on all their offerings. Certainly felt the love and drank the kool-aid and, frankly, enjoyed it. Like most conferences, I learned as much from talking to the other bloggers as I did from the (very good) sessions.

Like Portland, Indy is a chance to take a trip just for me. I'll meet some good people, drink some great beer, make up my own mind, and return home happy.

Jordan St.John -

One of the boons a long career and a storied history gives you is the sense that you do not need to watch for those coming up behind you. I would hate the BBC for the reason that I do not feel the need to meet these people and like them.

I say that two years on. You must feel like Lee Van Cleef.

Duke -

I went last year (it was hard not to, I live in Portland) and have already registered for Indy this year. For me, it was an amazing experience to have so much access to brewers, bloggers and people that work in other facets of the industry. I learned so much I felt like I was drinking from a fire hose at times. Zephyr puts on an amazing conference, from the panel sessions, tastings, brewery tours, dinners, and last years hop field tour/dinner/tasting. It was beyond worth it for the price. And I made lots of new friends in the process.

Overall, worth every penny even if it was three times the price and I had to go to Mongolia to attend.

Craig -

I get the reminder emails from Elle, and I might go if it were a little closer to me—a driveable distance. Indy, at 12 hours away, is just a bit far. Maybe next year.

Alan -

More like Rip Van Lee Van Cleef.

Whosisbrew -

I've definitely given it some thought. Indy is approximately 12 hours away from me. A bit of a drive, though the event does sound fun. I've found certain aspects a little "Wha?" though. Such as the bit where brewers are given access to the bloggers and then the bloggers speed review their beer via phone apps and whatnot. I don't know, that just sounded a little exploitative to me.

Elle Potter -

Technically, BBC is not put on by PR folk - Zephyr Adventures is a travel adventure company. We're working to create fun and unique opportunities for bloggers to interact with each other and others within the industry.

I'm glad you've been keeping up with Zak's posts from EBBC - so far as I've seen, everyone's come away from Leeds with all their marbles, even having sponsors like MolsonCoors and Pilsner Urquell who essentially made the conference possible.

Beerinator, I don't have an email address for you, and since I'm sending out emails individually (so I don't end up in spam boxes!), it's a little slow going. I'll be sure to send you a hello via your contact form when I return from my trip to hang out in the Broo'ers craft beer tent at Bonnaroo this long weekend.

Stan Hieronymus -

It's really good of all you guys to list when you'll be away from home. Should you be engaging security alarms could I ask for the codes? Wouldn't want to wake the neighbors.

Ryan Tuenge -

I will be attending and I am very excited to meet all of you. I love writing about and drinking Craft Beer.

Amber -

I will be attending for my 2nd. "formal" year. Went to Colorado with the 2beerguys.com crew in Boulder for year 1, but did not go to the conference itself. If you are feeling shy at all about being a new blogger, DONT make the mistake I made. Go to the conference. You will be welcomed with open arms. You won't meet a better group of people wether bloggers, the Zypher group and Brewers, etc. BBC 12 will not disappoint!

Alan -

Stan! I believe your words were "And now we are are hitting the road." I rely on an attack cat, myself.

Elle, I hope I was seen as praising your individual outreach. Sets a very promising tone for the event.

Dave Butler -

This will be my 1st BBC. I'm looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible, sharing stories and a few beers as well. Hope to bring a few good selections from Colorado to pass around. Hoping to arrange with a local CO brewer to ship beer out there and avoid those nasty baggage fees.

Jeff Alworth -

I'm unable to go this year for reasons of penury, busy-ness, and--if I'm really being honest--a disinterest in the location. (Though that last point constitutes only about 5% of the rationale. On the other hand, if it were somewhere in the South, I almost certainly would have gone, damn the poverty and busy-ness.)

It was actually a helluva time last year. And I could literally walk to the venue, which was cool, too. Part of it was the lovely sense of community we all felt.

Okay, that's probably crap, but what with your post and Zak's I couldn't resist the provocation.

Alan -

I am not clear on that use of the word "probably"... but I am convinced I would have a good time if I was able to go. But my "good times" are not so common as maybe others in the beery world. I have other things to budget for. I am not as concerned as Stan may be about the need to learn in a structured environment - especially as the conference costs $95 - but I would also be concerned about something led by someone who suggests "you have no idea whether you are missing something or not" too.

Jeff Alworth -

Oh, because while I have a more liberal definition of the word and don't share your offense at the phrase "beer community," I have a bit of sympathy for it, too.

I will say that the content last year--which I fully expected to badly suck--was pretty good. Though you have to take into account the fact that every session was heavily lubed with free beer. (Not a terrible strategy, when you think about it.)

Elle Potter -

Definitely saw it as praise, Alan (humbly, of course). And really am sorry we'll miss you this year!