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Ed Carson -

Also, a demographic shift as lands once owned by those who were loyal to the Crown were distributed amongst the soldiers (They appear to be mostly New Englanders) of Continental Army? My ancestor, George Pernell Frost of New Hampshire was given land in Ulster County for his service and complained about his daughter marrying "a Dutchman"

Alan -

Exactly. Plus a real economic disruption as the settlement of CNY rolled out. William Cooper's Town is a good source on that. The first 20 years after the end of the war were a tussle between Federalist large land holders and Jeffersonian smaller land holders.

Craig -

Enough with the wheat, already!

Just kidding.

Seriously—tangent be damned. I think the wheat thing is really important, interesting and adds yet another fascinating layer to Albany Ale. What's really cool is that wheat beer returned to Albany, thanks to George Weber and Cook & Meutsch in the 1870s. What comes around goes around.

Now we have Albany Ale (parti-gyled to different strengths) and apparently Old Albany Ale (the wheat beer) to make. We just have to find a late 19th century lager recipe and we'll have historic Albany brewing licked—or drank, as it were!

Ethan -

Just goes to show, when you invite German mercinaries to the party, you get more than you barganed for!