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Dave Stokley -

I think maybe it's a little dramatic to say that they could be forced to close. They're obviously a wildly successful brewery and would continue to be even if they were forced to relocate.

That being said, I would be interested in reading the brief they submitted to get a better idea about what their concerns are. Any idea where we could get that?

Ethan -

I would think that F.X. Matt would have a pretty large stake in the water quality in central NY, too; have they not weighed-in? Regardless, it would be a huge loss for NYS and a huge difficulty for Ommegang if they had to move.

Craig -

I think Ommegang may also be trying to make a general anti-fracking point. They hosted an anti-fracking concert featuring Levon Helm and Arlo Guthrie, back in May.

Craig -

Either way, Alan, you and I need to meet up in Cooperstown!

Alan -

Ah, Cooperstown... such a hit was Adam Dunn's.

dave -

Just because they are successful doesn't mean they have a huge cash pile to use up for relocation expenses. If their water becomes contaminated, so they won't be producing any beer (i.e. no money coming in), they would have to bear the burden of relocation through any cash reserves or through loans (which, given the glorious economic climate, are not given out all that easily). It would be a massive/time intensive undertaking to find a place of their needed size with the right resources, all while no beer is flowing.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like Otsego County is part of the ny ecourt system, but that is only after some quick searching. Even then it doesn't mean the brief would be in there.

Pok -

Obviously great beer is humanity's most important fluid but what is the second? Water or petroleum? Pick one; because you rarely get to have both.