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Stan Hieronymus -

Just my opinion, but probably at least an 89. (That's stolen from somebody in wine rating land, who assigns each one an 89.)

Or, put another way, sets a new standard for "dubbels" fermented within the U.S. borders.

Alan -

Really? I mean I know you write the books and are super keen on this and all but really? That is very high praise. One short of 90. There are a lot of good US dubbels. It is up there but what about Ommegang? Or Stoudts which I have not seen for yoinks.

Stan Hieronymus -

"Just my opinion" and I'm sticking to it.

Here's why an 89:


Alan -

You wag. That article is exactly on point, too. The difference between 89 and 90 vastly exceeds 81 to 89... not to mention 49 to 79.

Alan -

16 hours before someone noticed I spelled "Ovila" as "Olivia" - too many small people in my life not to make that typo.

Ethan -

I like the saison better, for the record; found the yeast chracter a bit restrained in the dubbel and a bit too sweet, though lively pit fruit was good.

Alan -

Lively pit fruit is where it is at. It's a little known fact that, like the pit bull, they are named after archaic pit fighting entertainments ofter found in 1700s taverns of the smaller sort.

Alan -

Lordy, Lordy - look what was in the stash... a Brother David Double from Anderson Valley, last reviewed in 2006, got me though the GOP debate. What I like about it is that it is a step away from Bernardus 12... which is bigger than a dubbel should be but right in line with what I like most in a beer.

Catalina -

wow, guess my taste must be way off from the scale :(