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Craig -

I've had a bottle of Knapp Vineyard's Ruby Port in my basement for going on six years—You've given me an excuse to try it out!

Now, I just need to track down the right stout!

Dan -

I've been meaning to try this. Do you recommend any particular port, that is available in Ontario?

bussmann -

This is a gathering of two things that I can get behind. Great post.

Alan -

Dan: I never got back to you. Each port is fairly singular and would have to find its own stout. But try the ruby ports as a start. Kopke ruby port is a great value. I know I was taking slugs of it in my Dark Star Espresso Stout in late 2010.

BTW, I can't tell is this beer cocktail note of mine in a comment was true or a joke. I did have a bottle of that which went missing:

Alan -

And here is another reference to a combo: Warre Warrior port and Fuller's Past Masters Double Stout.

What a good boy I must have been that day.

Jason -

These drinks taste good. I already tried one of those and it fitted my taste. Trying different cocktail drinks helps you determine which among the different drinks taste amazing. Thanks to this blog for it gave me the iteam to try some of cocktails that i haven't tasted yet. Cheers!