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Craig -

My local beer store, Oliver's, is upgrading from eight growler taps to twenty—this is in response to the gas station craft-beer-fill-up trend around here.

Alan -

Is it only the Sunocos that are doing the fills? There is a cafe in Canton NY that also fills them. This is very weird to Canadians. What next? Knitting supply shops? Pet food stores?

Ethan -

Only Sunoco, and for now only in NY. The stfarted the pilot program at six locations around Buffalo last year, and it seems they're happy with the outcome, as they have expanded the program. From what I hear, they do an adequate job with training and cleaning, but I haven't actually bought one from them yet, in the main because I feel I am giving Sunoco enough of my money by way of gas, so I'll get my growlers filled elsewhere, thanks. What's next? Wegmans, I hope!

Alan -

Alex Bay NY needs a Wegmans.

rolfe baltzer -

A jug a day keeps the doctor away