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Craig -

Did McClelland leave a job with the tobacco industry for the import beer biz?

Rebecca -

"That's one of the reasons many females shy away from beer."

I hope the reason for me taking issue with that statement is pretty self-explanatory. Though most of the men and women I know do enjoy beer, the only women I have met who don't like beer have attributed that to not enjoying the taste of beer they've tried, and not the perceived calorie content. (And I'm not just talking about Bud, Miller, Coors, etc.)

Alan -

I had not thought that to be a key fib but it's there, isn't it. You want to know an interesting fact? I know lots of guys who don't actually like the taste of beer, too. Wine guys. Rye and ginger guys. Is that another uncomfortable truth?

Ethan -

I guess it really depends on how you define 'beer,' since I note here that Budweiser Select 55 has--wait for it--55 calories!

Steve Lamond -

Noone is born liking beer...you have to train yourself onto bitterness. I don't see how it a 1:10 pro:con there's a lot going for beer

Craig -

Well, he is correct in saying that beer has a caloric content above water. It helps that water doesn't have any calories at all—at least my water doesn't.

Pok -

Last time I checked a pint of beer had equal calories to a pint of OJ. A pint of OJ can't be bad can it?

Alan -

Who has a six of OJ watching the game?