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Alan -

Herself is now warning that I might actually be a boring person to live with if this experiment proves too much.

Dansmallbeer -

I give up for ten days a couple of times a year. Go to a "just at weekends" system when lots of work is on. Beer tastes much better after a break. I think Pete Brown does a whole month in January. Sure sign I need a rest is when beers I have previously raved about taste bland and pedestrian.

Alan -

After someone I knew had an issue with salt intake and blood pressure, we all got into checking sodium levels with food and it has caused a really odd shift in my palate. While not a craving, I would not mind drinking a glass of water with a teaspoon of table salt stirred in. It's helped me to come to the same realization that I need to lay off for an extended stretch for that same reason. Who thought gueuze could become ho-hum?

Dan Smallbeer -

Oh? Explain the salt thing a bit more. I'm not sure what you mean but it sounds like useful information.

Alan -

I seem to have cut out so much salt, not that I thought I had been overly salted before, that my taste seems to have quite shifted. don't know how to explain it more than that as I have yet to figure out the implications. It's like being thirsty but needing that sort of flavour giving me a new preference.

Dansmallbeer -

Se, if we can selectively deprive ourselves of certain nutrients provided by beer, we can strategically make it taste even better… *thinks*

Alan -

John Barleycorn. In case I need to read between now and Easter.