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Steve Lamond -

Why is it taking them 2 and a half years? Have to wait for existing supply contract to expire?

Alan McLeod -

Good point, Steve.

I may be suffering from comments down syndrome and are just checking it out. When I do, I will share a further link.

Craig -

Theoretically, it sounds like a great idea, but what happens when one of them gets killed in a drunk driving accident, or in some stupid stunt after having been drinking UBC made, and distributed beer? That's a story that's going to get exploited. It's one thing to offer beer at an on campus pub, but it's quite another to make it part of the culture of the University, especially at a kegger! I'm all for craft beer, everywhere, but I'm not sure that University made and supported beer made available to, essentially, childen, is going to be smooth sailing, in the long run. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Alan -

But in Canada these are mainly adults.

Craig -

Legally being an adult and actually being an adult are far from the same. Personally, I think it's asking for trouble.

Alan -

That's cultural and all I can say is that it's Canada. If 19 year olds control the student union and want to make beer, I trust them. Plus, it's their freedom to do so.

Craig -

I don't know about cultural differences. I think 19-year-olds are pretty much the same everywhere, and 19-year-olds can make some bad decisions. Not, that a 40-year-old can't make a bad decisions, but the difference is, the 40-year-old, most likely, doesn't have a parent who spending a good bit of money to send their child to a University and expecting some safety and supervision. When Zoe turns 16, she'll legally be able to drive in NYS and I'm sure I'll trust her, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to ask where she's going when she borrows the car. Beer and college kids is a slippery slope.

Ethan -

Not really disagreeing with Greg, but at the same time, self-styled neo-Prohibitionists in the US would blow a gasket if any school did that here. Few Colleges even have a bar anymore. My undergrad went dry while I was there, in 1990. The US has a long way to go... but I trust Canadians more, too.

Pok -

The opportunity to brew a mild ale, a la Grand River Brewing, seems reason enough for any campus to get on board.