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itslunchtimeca -

Those maps are incredible! Tufte has some great examples of graphs and you may have something there. It sounds exciting. Maybe you should get a kickstarter going for it.

Tim -

I dislike the star graphs, whether represent beer or personality. They are seriously restrictive, have no intuitive meaning, and can handle only a small amount of data. (You have another Tufte fan here.) What is the hop character? The water contribution? There must be a better way to represent what happens in the theater of the mouth.

Bailey -

Diagrams or "Alan bait" as they shall henceforth be known...

We're going to keep playing with graphs. Words generally work for us (that's our "learning style", groan) but graphics work better for some people.

For the example above, we put our ratings for each stout into a table and then generated the graph. Although it showed roughly what we expected, it turned out to be a better representation of the point we were trying to make than we had hoped.

Alan -

I am all for graphs. I would make this an entirely drawings based website if I could.

Originally, I was thinking that the Tempest screen shot was actually a valid extension of the spider diagram as, recalling the 80s, one is taken through one level to the next which could illustrate each phase of the sip to swallow. But then I thought a smart assed caption was funnerer.

Bailey -

Stan H is on to something with his suggestion that 3D is the way to go. He suggested it might be a fun way to display beer history. Gets very messy very quickly without controls to turn off layers, though.

Bailey -

Stan H is on to something with his suggestion that 3D graphics might be a fun way to display beer history. They get very messy very quickly without controls to turn off layers and elements, though. Still, worth continuing to investigate.

Bailey -

Hmm. Two slightly different versions of the same comment. Can you delete one, Alan?

dave -

Isn't this graph something similar in nature to the "33 Beers - Beer Journal" (http://www.33beers.com/) idea?

Craig -

Just when you thought beer couldn't get any nerdier.

Alan -

Bailey: I like the illustration of nuance.

Dave: the web diagram is but I am serious in my preference for the Tube Map model. But If Stan is really into 3D maybe the model is more like Star Trek chess.

Alan -

Craig: maaaaaaaaaaps. I love maaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhpppsssss.

Bailey -

Dave -- it is a little similar, yes, although actually generated with one of the standard chart types in Excel.

Ethan -

"Alan bait"; love it!

I'm another Tufte fan, and I love maps, so yeah: I share your enthusiasm for a graphical representation. I like the 33beers book a lot, though I think I would name a different set of 16 relative dimensions; still, it's the consistency that's key, making it a handy time-travel device.

So a style/type/kind/sort of beer occupies a form in N-dimensional space; the question is simply how many of those dimensions can one effectively show at one time? Note as well: in order to satisfy the beer historians of the world, you'll also want to include a time dimension; it is a demonstrated need by virtue of their very scholarship.

Alan -

Well, there are two representations being discssed, a flavour describing graph and the "rock family trees" of beer.

For me, they are intersecting conceptually as we move from floundering "style" to the much more useful "flavour" to describe the relationships and experience of good beer.

Bailey -

"Family tree" is ringing alarm bells. Happy alarm bells. I can sort of see how this would work but not quite. Will perhaps test it on a post soon.

Alan -

Just make sure the Ukrainian beer blog post thief credits me.

Michael -

I just started learning graphic design. I tried my hand at a simple History of beer poster.http://www.beergeekery.com/archives/144

I am thinking of attempting a vin diagram that organizes most of beer styles by characteristics (bitterness, maltyness, ABV).

Jacobs Robert -

Graphical representation helps to easily understand the ratio, recently a new entry has entered in market which provides 3D charting in support of...

[Graph spam!!]

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