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Ed Carson -

I think you put it exactly right, the Red Sox gave up. Eating and drinking in the clubhouse gives a reason for the fans to be upset and the team to hide behind. My free advice: Spend the money now, instead of being upset in August when they are leading the New York team by 6 games.
Also, your caption on the photo should read either "now plays for the Phillies" or "now plays for Philly"

Alan -

Done. No one will suspect.

Ed Carson -

And Base-Ball has the ugliest trophies!

Craig -

I wrote about this back in October. Everyone seems to have forgotten Keith Hernandez drinking a beer and SMOKING in the dugout when the ball went through Buckner's legs in 86'.

Sorry, that was an unintentional dig at the Red Sox, by the way.

dansmallbeer -

As a fan of your sister club Liverpool FC I can only hope Andy Carroll's appetites are not put to similar temptation by our shared owners. That boy can drink and eat.

Jeff Alworth -

I married into a Red Sox family in 1997. My wife has three brothers who now live in Boston, and she was raised in Maine. My fandom probably started becoming serious in about the year 2000, and I was actually in New England for that disastrous game when Grady Little failed to remove Pedro in the 8th and they blew a two run lead to the Yankees. As sports fans know, true love is forged in bitter defeat, not ephemeral victory.

Thus it was with no surprise that I watched the greatest collapse in MLB history. This, I've learned, is what Red Sox fans expect, and after two World Series wins, it's what they deserve. You should not anger the baseball gods by treating the sport lightly, and you should not misuse the sacred water. Beer's place is in the ballpark, but as an ablution for the fan in front of you, doused during a moment of exuberance--not as a complement to fried dugout chicken.

But also, as a true Red Sox fan, I have unshakable confidence that we will win it all this year. Chastened, the Sox are ready for absolution. May the baseball gods smile.

Jeff Alworth -

Whoops, sorry about those link tags. I apparently forgot the quote marks.

Alan -

Your link skills are very Sept 2011.... fixed!