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The Beer Nut -

I see no reason why beer at the mall needs to be of inferior quality. Why not have a better offer than what would otherwise be there?

I have never understood beer in a mall as you have to drive there.
I sometimes wonder this about bars in North America generally.

Alan -

It's not the beer being of inferior quality at all, just that the setting is so... shopping mall. Echoing hallways of glass and tile. Screams of the children of others.

Chris -

Having a single beer with a good meal in the mall is something I can get behind. But, given the surroundings, I highly doubt I'd want to spend a lengthy drinking session in a mall. Too panicky and tightly wound.

Gary Gillman -

I think the idea is, the place is basically a restaurant. If the beer is good, as it is at Gordon Biersch, all the better. (Their seasonal Octoberfest, perhaps all drained by now, was excellent and better than any other craft brewery's version that I tried, delicate, fresh-tasting, finely scented).

Ditto for the Big Rig brewpub in Nepean, Ottawa, a hop and skip for you Alan. Great beers but just have one with lunch and bring a couple of growlers back with you.


Craig -

"Yes. Yes. I'm George. George McFly. I'm your density. I mean, your destiny."

Sorry, I can't get past the "Destiny" thing. What was wrong with "Carousel" mall?

Alan -

The kids were on that carousel nine times yesterday. No one found their destiny.

Tom -

I mainly like the idea of you peering through window, getting all stalker-esque on them