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ethan -

Available at the German pavillion at Epcot, I dicovered last week, and in fact perhaps one of the best beers available in all the Disney parks. I was glad to find it!

The Beer Nut -

Lovely beer. It looks weird with a crown cap, like your best friend's bizarre new haircut.

Barry M -

TheBeerNut is right, it does look weird with a crown cap! This used to be my regular been when I was out of a night in Muenster (lived there for three years). But some of the shine seems to have worn off, but I reckon I could still spend a night drinking it. Interestig to note that it used to be called Hoevels Bitterbier, before Radeberger bought it and thought "Original" might market better than something described as bitter. Oh well. That stuff you have is probably brewed offsite somewhere, but they do still brew in the brewpub. Had the pleasure of visiting it a couple of years ago.