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Pivní Filosof -

I think that the problem (so to speak) with wine is different. I don't follow much wine writing, but the little I do seems to speak only about one range of wines, the pricier ones and the wine marketing has made people believe that only expensive is good. I don't see that happening with beer. Yes, there are those who tout, as you put it, sucker juice of stupid prices, but let's face it, they are a nice, within a niche. Most people with a modicum of "beer" literacy know very well that inexpensive beer can also be great.

Moreover, most independent brewers don't have the PR budgets of the big winemakers and much of their PR will be directed towards bloggers, etc. who don't tend to be the most affluent people.

Alan -

Yes, I think that may well be it. Beer has yet to hit the point that there is enough money floating around and enough people really looking for information for this sort of thing to really take off. Maybe an upside to there being no money in beer writing.