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dansmallbeer -

Beer cocktails have enjoyed a surge of press recently. Difficult to work out what part of these trends is beer-geeks getting too giddy and what part is interested parties drumming up commercial ideas.

Bailey -

I think we're just seeing the beginnings of a fascination with smoothflow nitro-kegging for craft beer.

Peter Collins -

Sour and more sour. Oak aging everything. Wild yeasts. I'm hearing about more and more people enjoying those types of beers who had never had them before. They aren't my thing personally but many do enjoy them and I think craft brewers are moving in that direction (or already have and I missed the start of the trend. LOL )

Craig -

My prediction is that beer will be drank going into the fall of 2012. I'll leave it at that.

olllllo -

I've seen posts justifying a practice well in advance of their being strawman backlash against it. Contract brewing comes to mind.

Alan -

So... what you are saying... is that I should set up a favourable point of view in relation, get a bunch of people excited about it only to cut it down later based on hidden weaknesses in my own arguments. I love it.

Spencer -

Invasion of the Pumpkin ales coming to an LCBO near you this fall!

Jordan St.John -

The problem with beer is that it exists in a continuum whereas writing about beer doesn't. In order to be able to sell the constant dialogue, bloggers and columnists need to talk about the next thing. This means that there's always a next trend. The truth of the matter is that food and beer is not a trend, as anyone who has ever barbequed anything will tell you. Sour beers are growing in popularity, but they always sort of existed in the form of Lambics. Even Black Bitters or whatever you want to call them are not simply going to fade away. The point is that none of this stuff ever fades away because beer exists in a continuum. You think people are going to give up a barrel aging program when the articles stop coming? The coverage of the ideas is the problem. The ideas aren't.

Josh -

Citra, Amarillo, Cascade hops.

Alan -

Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail.