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Chris Barrett -

I've never seen an explicit quota mentioned, but there are obviously cancon style rules (or Trafalgar wouldn't exist) and some intentional diversification planning at work for the imports. Hopefully more rule of thumb than explicit planning, but you never know given how long things can sit in the pipeline with the LC.

It's funny that I saw that product on the shelf yesterday and was shocked that I had no information about this brewer (now that I know it's Estonian I have a hint to why). I must have stared at it for 30 seconds in silence attempting to place it.

Jordan St.John -

I'm unaware of any quotas, but it would explain some things.

I didn't realize that there were enough Estonian breweries looking to expand internationally that this would become an issue.

Alan -

You have to keep a lid on those Estonians.

I think Trafalgar relates to another rule.

Chris Layton, LCBO Corporate Communications -

For the record, folks, the LCBO does not set quotas by country. We purchase products that we feel appeal to this market, regardless of origin.

Alan -

Well, if that was true why does the call for international beer state: "Must be the top selling product from that country, in the package and format most easily recognized by the consumer"

Surely that means the top one product per country.