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Stephen Beaumont -

Incorrect, my dear Mr. McL. The Beau's Mates with Dates was indeed a recommended pairing, with a five bird ballantine deftly created by Brook Kavanagh of La Palette, consistently -- to my experience, at least -- one of the most pairing-savvy of the Brewer's Plate chefs.

Alan -

I just meant that my decision for combo #3 was not on the menu as it were. I had MWD with cheese located 73 feet away. I also had the five bird thingy, very tasty stuff and not offered thankfully by the teaspoon, but their saison was in the wee glass in my hand. Did I look like a rube? A man from the outer settlements? I did notice the 5 bird gravy was made with MWD. Was that cheating? If the beer is in the food... is the food... where is the "matching"?

Bailey -

You've changed. [Shakes head sadly.]

Alan -

Later, there was a discussion on the difference between ironic baseball caps and baseball caps. It was one of those evenings. The result was an agreement that the sweaty residue on mine made for a real difference.

Jeff Alworth -

I am most interested to hear more of your thoughts on this.

Alan -

Two more observations. I was hoarse from talking by the time I left the place. Talking with people I have only known through websites, trying interesting new brews from folk who are trying out things like Ontario saison, Belgian-style golden ale with a bit of juniper in the mash or a righteous robust pale ale. I left the place with pockets filled with samples. Best beer moment was, however, the glass of Granite Best Bitter, one of the first craft beers I ever had in its old incarnation at Halifax's original Ginger's Tavern in the mid-80s. Ringwood yeasty goodness brought back a lot of memories.

But I also was well aware of the economics of the event. Not an immodest entry price and lots of good folk making good food there telling their story who might have not been able to come as a guest. I was a happy press pass holder even if the pleasant person at the door when told I had a press pass waiting had a hard time understanding that I worked for me and my new outlet was aka myself. So, good for those who could and did buy tickets, especially given the charitable foundation being helped. It would be nice to see more events, again for charity, that might share the experience more broadly.