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Ethan -

Ha! That is all re. you 'pairing'

Sounds like a great charity, and reminds me of The Massachusetts Avenue Project here in Buffalo, who's urban farm gladly takes our spent grains and feeds them to chickens and worms. Good stuff.

Locavore definitely more reminds me of insane than local, but it doesn't offend and perturb me anywhere near as much as the word "foodie" does. I can't think of a good alternative that encapsulates both the 100-mile radius thinking and the quest for quality and experience, though.

Alan -

I need a word for suburban farmer and foodie. I want the 100 yard radius to trump the 100 mile one.

BTW - "ha!" nothing. I have defined the challenge over here. Pairer v. Omnivore.

Ethan -

I read that, yep. As I have long maintained, that fact that a specific beer goes well with more than one thing doesn't mean there aren't some pairings that are more sympathetic, or transformative, or just plain yummy, than others. More, I don't think of it as esoteric or forbidden knowledge or anything like that- at the end of the day, it's about paying more attention to what's happening when you eat & drink than we often do.

But whatever: you're gonna get some good food and excellent beers and help a good cause: that's sufficient.

Yeah, the more you can grow yourself, the better. I sure wish I had the skills or the time to raise more food in my meager yardspace, but buying from urban and 100-mile farms is the next best thing I suppose, and I do.

Alan -

I'd drink gueuze with Cheez-Wiz if I ate the stuff.

Alan -

I am the omni-gueuze

Ethan -

Far better than the anti-gueuze!

Alan -

Better medallions on heavy chains for sure. It is how we know each other.