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arn -

Unfortunately most people are sceptical about being passed on the price/tax cut. If they do not cost less, they'll be unlikely to survive.

The Beer Nut -

I'm glad the Brits are getting something out of this, 'cos we've had the same cut-off point for years and only one global megacorp has taken advantage of it -- step forward Guinness Mid-Strength and Carlsberg Mid-Strength. Now step back again. Further. Furrrther...

3.5% ABV sounds eminently more sensible.

Curmudgeon -

The problem with a 3.5% cut-off is that you'd probably see virtually nothing on draught above that - see here.

In the UK all beer was taxed proportionately to strength (I don't know how it works in Canada) and IMV any kind of duty step is likely to end up distorting the market.

Well, 2.8% won't, as virtually nothing will sell below that point.

The Beer Nut -

Yeah, 3.5% wouldn't be great for the UK since there's already plenty of decent beer around that mark. It'd be worth it here, though, where the broad market dictates 4.3% is the minimum acceptable strength.