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Craig -

I lived in Chicago from 1974 to 1984. Even I knew what Old Style was. Old Style isn't about simply about a beer made in Chicago—it's a beer made of Chicago.

Old Style is Carl Sandburg
and the Billy Goat curse.
A river dyed green in March
and Mrs O'Leary's cow.
It's Vienna beef with neon
green relish and celery salt.
The Loop—The L—the wind,
a three-peat and John Hancock.
It's deep dish and Belushi; Lujack
and Christmas at Marshall Fields.
Lower Wacker, the Eisenhower
and the view of the Lake from the
Gold Coast. It's the North Shore
and the South Side; Capone, Daley,
Italian Beef and a freezing third and
goal at Soldier. It's Sue at the Field
and Navy Pier; seven in sixty-eight
and Lincoln Park. The Watertower and
Blackhawks, Harry Caray and Wrigleyville.
Some say it's the barley and
others the hops, I say it's State
Street and the Sears Tower
that make that beer great.

Old Style is irreplaceable.