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John Coates -

Hi Alan,

I believe each batch is different as they make it a little different every year due to process and where they can source their malts/hops etc. So it varies. For example, I think the 2009 was better than 2010... now it's time to try the 2011...and put a few away for a while.

Really excited for this at the LCBO.

Alan -

Yes, but are there two versions for 2011? There seems to be a 10% in Quebec and an 8.3% in Ontario.

Stephen Beaumont -

Not saying this is the case here, but I know as fact that the LCBO regularly finds significant differences between stated and actual alcohol contents. To my experience, Belgians and Americans seem to be the worst offenders.

Niall -

I have bought last week a bottle of this beer at BroueHaHa in Québec, and it's the one the Star has - Automne 2010 @ 9.2%. I think your bottle on the right actually says 2009, not 2010. But as you said, it should all be fantastic (some just more fantastic than others :)) and I'm looking forward to try it this Friday (along with 6 other stouts and porters.. maybe more, the list always keeps growing when I do these).

Alan -

You are right. I got my left and right crossed and numbers got me all confused. My May 2010 bottle was from the fall 2009 bottling.

Niall -

Okay, we had the 2011 labelled 10% last Friday, and it was the runaway hit of the evening (amongst 11 others). Amazingly complex, the smell makes it known it's 10% but the taste is smooth and the finish incredibly clean. It almost makes sour an art form in the mouth, and makes it pleasant. I _need_ to get me some more of this.

Roger Beal -

Just curious, did you contact the brewery?

Alan -

Popped a 2011 for the Fighting Irish v. the Trojans. Fabulously settled into itself. A lovely beer.