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Steve Gates -

Alan, I was aware of this info reference Henderson but I was not ever able to prove that this brewer ever plied his trade in Kingston, it appears that at an early age he was off to York and never returned on a permanent basis. He might have been a trained brewer but perhaps in his native England prior to immigration. York was a government town and at least a decade behind Kingston in terms of commodities, industry and the like, Dalton went there to start his paper after almost being drummed out of Kingston. An interesting article, thanks for that. Steve.

Alan -

Thanks Steve. I owe you a phone call and a beer. That rotten cold turned into pneumonia. It's passing but taking time.

I really like the idea of locating these breweries and taverns. I am pretty sure that the site of the Richard Smith stores circa 1815 was either the part of S+R that now has Milestones in it or the parking lot next door.

Steve Gates -

My speculation had the store on the other side of the street, Subway location perhaps.... I have recently come into two pre-Confederation letters from Lewis Cameron of City Brewery and George Creighton of Frontenac Brewery, these letters, written to a tavern owner in Prescott UC, detail the effort put forth and frustration experienced by 19th century brewers as they attempt to gain an economic foothold outside of Kingston. The letters features names of Steamboats, Captains of Steamboats and an excellent pricing guide of the era. I could bring them with me if we were to meet for a beer and a chat. They are fantastic and they will be the crux of an article I plan to pen for the Kingston Historical Society this winter. It seems that I have to have a writing project in order to feel complete. Let me know when you are feeling up to a pint, I think we could get along a bit. Steve.

Alan -

Beer and a chat!!! My pneumonia of 6 weeks has passed. Let's do it. Email me at beerblog@gmail.com and I am buying