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Herb Meowing -

The customer is entitled to buy as much as (s)he wants.

If the store wants to ensure its clientèle get a crack at a limited supply...then it's their responsibility to set a limit.

Cory OBrien -

I agree with Herb. You have no way of knowing who else is trying to buy them, and for what reason, so buy as many as you want/can afford/need. If it's a limited supply, the store can set a limit, and you should obey that, but no sense in limiting yourself. (Assuming of course that you plan to drink/give away/cellar the beer yourself. If you're just buying it up to try and resell it for a profit, then you're being greedy and should leave some for others.)

Jennifer Lawson -

You snooze, you lose!

Bailey -

The only thing you did wrong was not smashing the remaining bottles on the shelf as you ran out of the shop laughing maniacally.

Craig -

I like Bailey's take. Although, I still haven't had it—so break all but one.

Alan -

I had no idea that I wrote for such a mass of selfish beasts. So much for "beer community"! You are all micro-Thatcherites, out for #1.

Chris Barrett -

I've been watching that on-hand count at Barrack St. from here in Ottawa wondering whether I was going to get a chance to be piggish. I'm debating sending my father downtown to grab some in Kingston before they disappear.

The Professor -

Feel no guilt.
I would have bought them all!

Barm -

It is only beer. People will survive if they don't get any of a particular brew.

Alan -

I am gutted. Does no one feel my pain?

Ryan B Anderson -

It seems as though someone needs to be a contrarian and tell you that you are a jerk, so I will be that guy. You are a jerk

Alan -

Whew. What a relief. Thanks.

Ethan -

I would certainly feel no fear nor fetter upon espying, then buying, them all.

Dan Smallbeer -

If you buy a lot, they will order more next time and everyone will benefit. That's classical hop-hooverin' trickledown economics.

Alan -

Finite supply of the best stuff - that's one of the classic failures of trickle down economics

Jeff Alworth -

John Keeling and Derek Prentice game me a bottle last week, which I'm hauling across Britain and Belgium to get home. (They gave us three other beers as well.) It's heavy and it makes no sense, but I'll be importing it this way nevertheless.

I had a tipple at the brewery, by the way, which is the reason I'm committed to hauling it.

olllllo -

Bought three, had two, gave away one. Then I noticed I was out.

Explain this bout of amnesia since Saturday.

John Coates -

I always debate this - more for me, more for me to share and spread the good word of beer or more for others to buy and build the craft beer market through availability (I need to find out who else buys these beers). At the same time, we need to guarantee sales so these come back to the LCBO (numbers, numbers, numbers).