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The Beer Nut -

We get a few Ethiopian beers around here. You can tell they're African by the thickness of the glass: our disposable culture doesn't seem to have hit the Dark Continent in any big way yet.


What the fuck does "monkey branded beer" mean??? Are you even aware how offensive that is?

Alan -

Well, see the monkey on the label?

But let's see what I can do as I look and I think that is a form of gibbon.

Alan -

There. It's a Coquerel Sifaka branded beer. Propithecus coquereli. But I do not understand the connection if that is the case as that species only exists in northern Madagascar.

The Beer Nut -

Black cap, puffy tail, native to Ethiopia: I'd put money on it being a colobus monkey, specifically an Abyssinian black-and-white colobus.

Craig -

I'm going with Nut on this one (Beer Nut, not the other other nut.) The label resembles the Abyssian black and white Colobus, rather than the lemur.

Surprisingly, the mention of a simian graphic is offensive, but dropping an unsolicited f-bomb on someone else's blog isn't. Hmmmmm....interesting.

Alan -

I am happy to receive the offended notes of others. Especially when the image is, in fact, of a monkey. I am comfortable in my ability to note the existence of one monkey in a diagram without offending let alone being racist but happy to hear the opinions of others.

Craig -

So, in fact, you are admitting the exsistance of monkeys? I just want to make sure I'm not dealing with some one who is anti-simintic.

Alan -

You are a bad person.

Craig -

C'mon... That took a good bit of crafting, to get that joke to go my way.

Knut Albert -

Expected to grow by 15 per cent for the next five years, eh? How much did it grow the last five years? This is like the brewing dinosaurs predicting their sales of low carb beers.

Egon Blechle -

the Logo of Paulaner Beer is a monk, would anybody be offended if somebody did in fact call it a monky Brand??? Hehehe