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ZymurGeist -

A beer garden should be on terra firma and have plenty of trees. Augustiner in Munich is a classic example.


Grass is an extra bonus

Adam -

@ZymurGeist: I absolutely agree. To me, a beer garden should essentially be a park where you can buy beer and some eats (preferably pork knuckle). Kids and dogs should be allowed. The word "gastro" should never be uttered in such a place.

Jordan St.John -

I don't know. You've seen Mario Batali. I have to believe that's a guy who drinks some pretty good beer.

Alan -

You do know what mortadella is, right?

Maureen -

I was excited about reading this blog until I got to the photos. I guess those are city beer gardens, and yes, at least they have trees and they are open! Even in my small town of Traverse City Michigan, the outdoor drinking areas usually feature a view of the sidewalks & streets! Here is a photo from a developing brewery here with a REAL beer garden idea: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=134583599953189&set=a.111034738974742.16770.110981922313357&type=1&ref=nf
Can you dig it? How awesome would it be to have a few hop poles right there within sight while you are enjoying a craft brew?

Bryan Kolesar -

Please! Some of these jokers know as much about beer gardens as the beers they're pouring....that is to say, increasingly, that's to say, not so much.

"Beer Gardens", "...Farm...", "Gastropub", "Craft Beer"....is the bandwagon full (fool) enough yet? Sorry, first day of summer rant now over :)