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Jordan St.John -

I imagine Obama being a Smokehouse Almond kind of guy. Protein, flavour, not too much salt.

Wnitebeer -

I think, they will bring their own beer and bungs and spiles and ...maybe barmen)))

The Beer Nut -

There's not a pub in the county that would know what a cask is or what to do with it.

Alan -

So "The Spile of Moneygall" might make for an excellent Christie twist.

Joe Stange -

So basically we are talking about kegs of Guinness. Yep, looks like a Guinness pub: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29487352@N04/3224333926/in/photostream/

And they're probably hauling them from DC to Ireland aboard Air Force One. Oh, the irony.

The Beer Nut -

There's no such thing as "a Guinness pub". With maybe a dozen exceptions nationwide, every Irish pub sells Guinness.

They could well be hauling it from DC, though I'd say it's more likely that James's Gate will set aside a keg and equipment to be tested and quarantined by Obama's people. The Secret Service has been in Ireland for weeks now.

Alan -

Not much of a secret, then.

The Beer Nut -

Yeah, OK, it could just be Peadar O'Driscoll who's known locally for his habits of wearing sunglasses and talking into his shirt cuff.

The Beer Nut -

Confirmation that it's a special keg shipped from Dublin:

Apparently Heineken Ireland offered the pub 30 free kegs if they would serve Obama a pint of Heineken.