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Craig -

My Dad's family lives in Pittsburgh. I've been there so many times I've lost track. I have no recollection of anyone in my family ever saying one nice thing about the Buccos, in nearly forty years. Sure they speak highly of Clemente and Stargell and the players of the early Nineties–Van Slyke, Gobson, Bonilla and even Bonds. The Pittsburgh Pirates as an effective baseball entity, and a as a source of city pride, left with US Steel.

Estelle Aversa -

Love it! Even sadder about this story is the President of the Pirates, Frank Coonelly, actually called me before the story aired. He was just about yelling about the nerve of me contacting WTAE. Maybe he should take some of that angry energy out on the Pirate executives that sent out the boycott. I was a fan of all Pittsburgh sports, but after no apology from the Pirate Organization....not so much! Thanks for your support!

Alan -

Estelle! You are my new hero. Standing up for the fan against big bad sucky baseball. Shame Frank Coonelly. Shame.

Jack -

I live in Pgh (well, the western burbs), but I'm typing this from my office with a view of PNC park. Yes, the Pirates are a joke around here. Nobody really roots for them because nobody believes they will ever again field a winning team. It's not like the dark years for the Penguins (2002-2005) when we still cheered for them knowing that rebuilding was temporary. Nothing about the Pirates' mediocrity is temporary.

The Pirates as a business is profitable. Because of that, they have no incentive to field a winning team. If ownership can make money whilst losing, why spend more to win? It's a sad state for baseball in this city. Yes, the stadium is beautiful and it's nice to get to a game or two per year, but nobody goes to cheer on the team, they go to experience PNC park and it's food and beer.

Stick to your guns, Estelle. I have family in Kennedy Twp, I might just stop by for a discounted pitcher or two. Anything good on tap?

Moonie -

What the Pirates did to make an issue of a non issue was just plain dumb. What this bar owner did was even more stupid. They are both negative, lending nothing whatsoever to make the situation better. If the woman who owns this place keeps the same marketing mindset, what's next? A dime off a bottle of beer for every week the Steelers are on strike or for every game Sidney misses because of his concussion. Very poor judgement on both parties. You are either part the problem or part of the solution.

Alan -

Wrong. If I am a fan of a team I am not part of the "keep your mouth shut" solution. I call them out and Estelle did so with humour.

Dave -

Estelle deserves credit for not blowing this lighthearted promotion out of preportion, like Coonley did...I haven't been to the Stroll Inn for several years, but I'm going today! Good for you Estelle!