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Pivní Filosof -

People buy macros because that is what they like....

Jeff Alworth -

We now have split threads going, so I'll encourage people to read my post, the comments, and my response. But, to repeat here, I regret using the word "savor," which has clearly touched a nerve. I think there's a fair amount of evidence to suggest that craft beer drinkers consume less beer than macro beer drinkers--though it's circumstantial and I don't have the time to try to find some stats to verify it. You, Alan, of all people should forgive a writer of fanciful language. But true: the use of the word savor imputes facts not ascertained.

The purity thing, though. That's all you, brother. I grind no such ax.

Alan -

Split threads!!! There's an ointment for that, isn't there?

I am not actually jumping on you so much as asking about that idea which is not one you created. I have just read too many posts about craft beer writers having hangovers and then a month later talking about how they consume less than macro drinkers to let it pass.

"Savor" and "purity" are great words, by the way. "Sainted" will be the next then "annointed guilds of craft beer drinkers."

Velky Al -

What PF said.

Sometimes I wonder of much of this "us vs them" thinking that seems to pervade the craft beer enthusiast world is taking beer far too seriously.

It's a drink. It gets you drunk.

Whatever you want to drink to get you drunk is fine by me.

Craig -

No kidding, Velky. Jim Koch just referred to craft beer as the "new wine." That's just what craft beer needs, more comparisons to the wine world. As far as quantity versus quality, I've seen pleanty of folks snookerd on craft beer.

dave -

In regards to "I have just read too many posts about craft beer writers having hangovers and then a month later talking about how they consume less than macro drinkers to let it pass." Couldn't someone consume less craft beer volume, but still consume the same amount of abv? Like drinking a 22oz of 15%abv, would be equivalent to less then two 12oz beers by volume, but equivalent of three macro-lagers of 5% abv (that's roughly what they are I believe). So someone would be drinking less beer, but still feeling the effects (and possibly hungover from it). Does that make sense or do I need more coffee? Probably more coffee.

Alan -

I totally agree. I think there is many a dipso hiding behind the high alcohol levels of US craft special releases.

dave -

I don't even think it has to be the "special releases" (though it made my math easier ;), as a whole I would say craft beer is a percentage or so above macro-lager (in the US... UK/Europe would probably be different), which adds up in the long run. So its probably a good thing craft beer drinkers consume less beer... at least for our liver's sake.

Alan -

You are right but I recall being really pissed off at a smooth special release to go nameless that I failed to check before pouring a bomber which turned out to be 14% for God's sake. I didn't find any reviewers later complaining at the stupidity of that level of booziness.