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Ron Pattinson -

What a sensitive bunch bloggers are.

Craig -

The revolution will not be televised, but it will be digitized.

I think CAMRA might have to come to grips with the fact that it's newsletter might not be as loud of a bullhorn as the internet; and CAMRA does seem to be the kind of lot that accepts new things, like technology, fairly readily.

Alan -

I know, Ron, and I don't make light of the irony of telling some other bunch of folk they are over-doing it. There is just that underlying layer of the cultural filter (did I say filtering!) that is obviously there but not being addressed. Add to that a rather 1970s v. 2011 aspect to the discourse and it's all a bit of a giggle.

Alan -

Pete has an article in the Morning Advertiser on this schlmozzle.

And a parsing of a recent but classic Protzian piece of sleepy self-contentment.

Martyn Cornell -

Hmmm - I seem to have started something there … I wonder, if I hadn't been checking out What's Brewing's beta version of its new online edition, spotted the report on Mr Valentine's speech and gone instantly into rant mode myself, if anyone else would have noticed what he said and commented on it?

What angered me, though, was not the insults, but the utter dishonesty of his attack on bloggers - presenting beliefs nobody holds as if they were universal across the beer blogging world. Jeez - beer bloggers shouldn't be taken very seriously (least of all by themselves), but if you want to attack us, don't lie about us.

Mind, my rant on extremophiles attracted almost 200 comments on the Zythophile blog, which is easily the record so far …

Alan -

I don't know. Any cabal that includes a chuckling clucky tisky Protz is a good reason to lose it.

I expect this theme to continue. The leadership of CAMRA has a strong investment and personal conflict in attacking any models that do not include "joining the membership and falling into line behind us" so I fully expect them (as others in the same position) to lie and manipulate to maintain their status. Having no critical external eye upon them for 40 years is a great way to get lazy about such things.

Joe Stange -

"Real ale" enthusiasts railing against "craft beer" are like the finger of a very large man poking out his own eye because a fly landed there.

Maybe the fly was a blogger.

Craig -

What amazes me the most, is that some of the blogged critisims have nothing to do with keg versus real. Stephen pointed it out on his blog and, Alan you've reiterated it above—some cask ale is just bad. CAMRA seems to be holding a sign that says "look at all the great work we've done for 40 years" in one hand, and then pulls a pint of crappy beer with the other.

Alan -

Meantime, Zak votes for the echo chamber.