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Pivní Filosof -

Does this mean that Currywurst will go the way of the Sushi? From cheap street food to overpriced fancypants delicacy favoured by the LA douchebaggery?

Gary Gillman -

The beer garden theme seems a natural for L.A.,at least at certain times of the year, and the inventive Angelenos will I am sure figure a way to cool the outdoors when the need arises.

I've noticed wurst shops in lower Manhattan, not beer resorts per se but never far away from same. German restaurants with a beer theme seem on the increase there too, so a trend is spreading I think.

As for fresh German-style beer, I can vouch for the authentic quality of Steamwhistle pilsener, ditto the German pils at Mike Duggan's in Toronto, so that's a great start here!


Alan -

I posted this NYT story about New York beer gardens four years ago, Gary. That sounds very appealing, sitting in a park drinking beer in the shade.

But the best place I have ever heard of was one a guy from Syria I played fitba with told me about. You take a bus into a mountain to a bar - restaurant by a wide shallow river under the shade of the trees. The tables are in the river and you sit with your feet in the flowing cool water as waiters bring you food and drink all day. Said he could take his whole extended family there for about 100 USD.