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Jeremy -

I have long wondered if LCBO/Beer Store policy would stand up to a NAFTA challenge, but most of the breweries with the funds to mount such a challenge are already in the system. The powers that be would likely make a public safety argument but I would be curious to hear the arguments for and against.

Tom -

Seriously? I am a big fan of sarcasm and all, but I am at something of a loss here. The name is sexist. Sure, you can defend it under free speech rules and all, but just because you can do something doesn't mean you should and it certainly doesn't make it a good idea. Maybe I am missing the thrust of your commentary, but Flying Dog's claims are insipid at best. And their behavior and response reminds me more of a 10 year old boy with a naughty new vocabulary word than a company interested in promoting a product. Not to mention the larger alienation to the other half of the craft beer population. As if craft beer wasn't misogynistic enough already.

Alan -


1. you can't have a dog based theme for branding and use Hunter S. Thompson imagery to back that up for decades; or

2. you can have a dog based theme for branding and use Hunter S. Thompson imagery to back that up for decades but just ignore that dogs also come in "female" and the word for that is "bitch."

If you are saying that there is a door number 3, you have to now censor the Rolling Stones and Miles Davis and Dogfish Head, too. Seriously.

Tom -

Let me see if I understand you correctly: you are asserting that Flying Dog's interest is only in the literal meaning of the term, and that any figurative or connotative meaning is purely accidental and unintentional on their part--there is no secondary meaning being invoked, or no attempt to create word play in the name that goes beyond the literal definition of bitch as pertaining to a female dog.

Alan -

Well, Tom, I don't think I am interested in fisking myself. If you are offended, that it fine. But if you think I am the slightest bit interested in engaging at a level of "Seriously? I am a big fan of sarcasm and all..." you're missing another point. You have made your case and I trust you'll write about it more at your blog. You can look at the long range and history of Flying Dog's artwork and make your own call.

Alan -

The great state of Michigan bailed and authorized the sale of Raging Bitch.