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Peter Bailey -

Can we for these few short weeks NOT refer to that guy as Prime Minister? Candidate Harper is Conservative Party Leader at the moment.

Alan -

No, he's the PM and the Leader during the election as he is a Minister to the executive (GG). Only the legislative branch is on the campaign trail. He is not an MP.

troy -

Here's a quote Rick Mercer provided when I interviewed him for TAPS... it's about Stephen Harper and beer:

Q. You slept over at the Prime Minister’s house last year. Did he offer you a beer?
A. No, I think he might have offered me a Diet Coke.

Q. No? Did you see any beer in the house?
A. You know, it’s funny, one of the perennial questions that I get asked by Canadians is “Which Prime Minister you would most like to have a beer with?” and well, it wouldn’t be Stephen Harper. That would be a little bit too social for him. I’d have no interest.

Q. I’ll name the five Federal party leaders and you match them with the following beer terms: Craft Beer, Generic Lager, Bitter, Organic, Full Flavoured
A. Stephen Harper – Diet Coke guy. Okay, generic lager. Did you know that he sat down to have tea with the Queen at Buckingham Palace he asked for a Diet Coke?

Mike 71 -

As they say down below the 49th parallel, "you don't buy beer, you rent it!

Best Wishes to Stephen Harper for Good News on May 2nd!

With God's Grace, we will have a Tory Majority government soon!