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dansmallbeer -

Let's not mince words, it is racketeering. I think a dedicated consumer rights movement would change things, wanna build one?

Stephen Beaumont -

Racketeering is definitely not too strong a word. The Brewers Retail is a straight-out scam aimed at controlling growth of any brewery not named Molson or Labatt. (I know, Sleeman has a stake in it as well, but it's a mere 2%, hardly worth noting.) That it persists in this day and age is a far worse embarrassment than the LCBO, in my opinion.

freeourbeer.org and freeourbeer.ca are two sites aimed at ending the oligopoly.

dave -

"even the inability to touch or even see the thing you are buying until after you have paid" so there is like a front desk that you put your order at, pay, and then a worker goes in the back and picks up whatever you bought and brings it out front?

Alan -

BINGO!!! So you can't even pass on the dusty six pack for the more recent shipment.

Now, to be fair, outback is refrigerated down to something like -2 Kelvin.

dansmallbeer -

Looking to get involved, but I can't work out whether the .org or the .ca one are more active and relevant. Do you have any experience with either? I am sure things can be altered with some committed pressure. The current state of affairs might even contravene certain regulations. Despite distribution issues, we have it relatively good here in BC, but solidarity an all that…

dave -

Wow, that is... strange.

How would one enjoy the beer branding then? :)

Alan -

The wall of empties! No word of a lie, they have empties lining a wall as you go in. And the lettering is so small that if you are asking for something new both you and the guy at the counter squint over at the wall and say to each other - "WTF? Is that it? Or that?"

dave -

Again.. wow that is strange.

Touch screen computers might help in that place.

Without the wall of empties though, it would make a rather interesting psychological experiment about beer labels and branding (only going on name to purchase a beer, instead of name and label). All going back to Mark Dredge's post about branding.

Chris -

Go on a busy Friday at 5 pm. Go to the wall of empties ( situated exactly where people bring back their empties ) and stand there trying to decide on your purchase. You will be elbowed and almost roughed up by people returning empties. The Beer Store does this on purpose so you will be fed up and just go and buy that pale yellow lager that is everywhere as soon as you walk in.

dansmallbeer -

Tyler is fucking sweet.