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dansmallbeer -

I think it's a lovely idea: promoting a beer style and getting everyone thinking about it. No problem with people making money for a good deed either. BeerWench is enviably enthusiastic in this regard, and kudos to her for that.

I did object a bit to the way it was presented as a "grassroots" movement. The beer evangelical thing has its good side with all the promotion and great attitude, but the other side of evangelicalism is the idea that everyone needs "saving" — whether it is those poor corporate beer drinking unfortunates or those plucky struggling craft brewers who really need the power of social media to show the world how wonderful they really are if we'd just give them a chance.

The tone of it grates a bit. But indeed, who could hate an IPA day? I look forward to Aug 4th.

Alan -

I reserve my right to remain a moron and be an old crank but that should determine just about zero with anything like this. I would be delighted if this became more than my feeble brain can imagine.

Craig -

Hey, don't look at me. I don't know what I'm talking about, either.

olllllo -

Isn't IPADay a typical day for most American Social Media'd [Craft] Beer people? When isn't it IPADay?

Alan -

Hence my proposal for an annual #YearOfBeer festival worldwide.

The Beer Wench -


Sorry it took me so long to come across this post. Thank you for it.

As for clearing the air, I am rather sick and tired of the erroneous assumptions and allegations against me and against #IPADay. It was not a concept thought up by a corporate marketing team. I called up my friend Ryan Ross from Karl Strauss and said "hey dude, the wine industry keeps doing these really awesome worldwide events with wine and I really want to try it with craft beer."

And it was simple as that.

I knew I needed help to strengthen the message and ensure success. This is why I teamed up with some breweries and bloggers -- all friends. I chose the breweries because I knew them pretty well, especially on social media. Simple as that. I did not solicit money. I needed help and I wanted to leverage their followership and audience.

As for why IPA? Because it is the most brewed craft style and most popular, and therefore the most inclusive and accessible.

And last but not least, every day is NOT IPA day. At least it isn;t for me. This movement is about more than just us. Naturally, the majority of people partaking in IPA Day will be craft beer types... but this is also an opportunity to educate and engage others who might not otherwise drink an IPA. I am a self-proclaied craft beer evangelist, and all my haters can say otherwise, but I know in my heart that I am a good person with good intentions and a sincere passion for craft beer.

As for my event, I chose to host a beer fest at the Napa Valley Marriott. And guess who the majority of guests will be?

Yep, that's right... NOT CRAFT BEER PEOPLE. And for them, every day isn't IPA Day. But that day will be. And they will have the opportunity to interact with local breweries and taste through a myriad a delicious local brews.

And so what if every day is IPA day to some people. This is soooooo much bigger than that. This is a worldwide toast. People all across the world will be joining together over the same style. And that is pretty fucking awesome.

Sorry is I come across as a bitch. I just wish that some people would get over themselves and see the bigger picture. Sure, I started this shit... but now it belongs to the world. And I am really excited about its potential.


The Wench

Alan -

If you were a bitch I was a bigger bastard (Mr. Big Bastard frankly) even if I only thought I was just making some "ha ha funny" tweets!

I felt badly when I realized, as you explain, that this is an idea and a few people, including you who are indeed "a good person with good intentions and a sincere passion for craft beer."

So thank you for clearing it up so fully care of my comments space. I plan to do something positive and not jerky at all on August 4th.

Mark O -

A worldwide toast to beer and beer culture, from those within and outside the circle. This, I say, is a most novel and exciting concept. I'll be looking to host my own party now to welcome more fans into the open arms of craft beer community!

Salud to all!