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BrettS -

When I was in Afghanistan, I paid a pretty penny for a garbage bag full of cans of Foster's that were so old and well traveled that most of the color had been worn off the cans (they were all shiny). Point is, when in Afghanistan, particularly in June, beer is beer and I am sure few are in the mood for complaining. Perhaps if Budweiser were provided when they return home the discussion would differ.

Neil, eatingisntcheating.blogspot.com -

It's a good point made above, but also the fatc is most normal drinkers dont understand the geographical relationship of beer.

I've heard on more than one occassion people refer to Stella Artois as British beer, and squaddies aren't known for their taste. Which is not a dig at Soldiers, I'm just saying they havent got a lot of time for exploring the virtues of craft beer now, and most of them will have been pretty young when they signed up meaning they had little prior drinking experience apart from teenage years where everybody drinks crap anyway!

Alan -

Good point, Brett. My two favorite lady warriors, Robin and Katie, would no doubt agree.

Neil, that point about age may well be the case in the US with young soldiers given the military age is lower than the drinking one but most of my Canadian military pals are pretty open to all things beery.