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Andrew -

South Bend Silver Hawks! Horrible beer at the games.

Alan -

I do recall that - but the gent in the center of the shot was one of the most entertaining beer and snack hawkers I have ever seen. Needless to say, not even High Life. There was, however, High Life at Lansing which was greatly appreciated.

dave -

Narragansett just started distributing in NYC, so it is slowly creeping closer to you (or at least you may be able to get it on one of your NY beer trips).

Alan -

Listen, they are one of the best sample shippers out there. I am not sure I would tattoo myself with their porter logo but I would entertain offers about the money it would take to do it.

Craig -

Yet another reason to intice you to the Capital Region of New York. Our local ball club, the Tri-City Valley Cats (Short-season A affilitae of the Houston Astros, and New York-Penn League 2010 champions) serve offerings from a phenomenal Troy, NY brew pub – Brown's Brewing Co.

Pok -

I've read their terms and conclude that they are constructively disqualifying females from their sponsorship offer. As the father of daughters I cry "Shame!" and "Boycott!". And I don't care for the stuff anyways.

Alan -

An outrage! Beer companies need to be inclusive in their sponsorships. Perhaps as part of my lucrative sponsorship package there could be some counselling on that point offered to them.

dave -

I could see a 'gansett porter tattoo on you. The ship in the logo could work with a Nova Scotia theme too.