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Ken Tucker -

nothing wrong with 'full disclosure'.

and, i've got a way to do it, virtually, taking next to no 'space' on the label.

stay tuned for the products coming outta NY's Adirondacks under the ADKBREWCO (Adirondack Brewers Coalition) auspices.

Robert Geczi -

Coming from a person who also suffers from quite a bit of allergies, having more info posted on labels would be much appreciated. Even if something naturally occurs, and is not considered an additive, still. More info is better than little.

Craig -

I'm allergic to pine sap. Bringing in the Christmas tree really sucks. I don't have high hopes for pine tree labeling.

Barm -

But how is a small brewery to know which compounds and how much of them might naturally occur in their beer, without submitting every batch for costly analysis?

Pok -

I think scpeticism should be a first line of approach when dealing with the sulfite (not sulphate) issue. Many claim to have allergy to sulfite in wine but can happily ingest several dried apricots (very high in sulfites) or other dried fruits.

As I understand it all beer and wine contains sulfites that are a natural part of fermenting organic materials. Many wines contain extra sulfites added to prevent oxidation - not sure if brewers do this as well. At any rate I don't beleive there is such thing as "sulfite free" - just some wines and foods that have no additional sulfite added.

So a label saying "sulfite free" to me is negative. Whereas "sulfites added" would be much more acceptable.

Alan -

I doubt not my claim in the slightest. Apricots floor me but you can get less neon (turd like) alternatives. Takes living with something to dispel recreational skepticism.

Pok -

Not doubting your diagnosis - just illuminating the fact that many tend to assign "sulfite allergy" to any and all adverse reactions to wines, and now it seems, beer.