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Have you read The Unbearable Nonsense of Craft Beer - A Rant in Nine Acts by Alan and Max yet? It's out on Kindle as well as Lulu.

Maureen Ogle said this about the book: "... immensely readable, sometimes slightly surreal rumination on beer in general and craft beer in particular. Funny, witty, but most important: Smart. The beer geeks will likely get all cranky about it, but Alan and Max are the masters of cranky..."

Ron Pattinson said: "I'm in a rather odd situation. Because I appear in the book. A fictional version of me. It's a weird feeling."


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Eamon -

I think the key is "someone". That is, you can go as slow as you like but as soon as anyone breaks their seal then its regular priced beers for all.

Alan -

Exactly. That is why it is a collective lesson in moderation. Brilliant. MADD could not have come up with a better idea.

Pok -

Group leg bagging!

Craig -

What will all those Nebraskans do, without any games to get drunk by?

Sober times a 'comin to ol' Lincoln town. What with the govment runnin', all them, "pro-motions" outta the heartland. Thems cornhuskers gonna just have ta' git all liquored up the ol' fashioned way—shots.

Thankfully the great State of Nebraska has gotten out ahead of the beer pong epidemic.