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Brad Goddard -

Great Tavern I have passed by many many times heading home to Lucan, Ontario. I would be awesome to have pints pulled there--I'll cross my fingers.

Craig -

That's really cool, what an amazing old building... However Julia Robert's needs to use an middle initial. I was waaaay confused when I started reading.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Eat, Pray, Love.

Wait, I didn't see that one. It didn't pass my "automatic weapons fire" criteria.

Alan -

High on the neato is that it still sits in the country surrounded by fields farmed by guys who are likely great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren of guys who drank in that tavern.

Pamela Stanley -

Last August (2010), TriCounty(Huron,Perth, Middlesex) Museum Association met at Fryfogel Inn. All of us Heritage folks are very keen to save it from potential road widening effects, and keep open for tours as it is by local historical supporters now. Great story pamphlet at Perth County Historical Foundation (Stratford). Please support all Ontario museums. Thanks.

Matt Fryfogel -

Was there a few weeks ago. Was pretty diss appointed in the condition of the inside.

Warren Stauch -

Hello there,
I just read Alan's entry about Fryfogel's Inn on highway 7-8, the original Huron Road (1828-1831) and thought some of you might be interested in hearing Dr. Julia Roberts, University of Waterloo history professor, when she will be the guest speaker at a fundraising dinner being sponsored by the Friends of the Waterloo Region Museum on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at Angie's Country Kitchen, a former 1800s stagecoach stop 1761 Erb Street West in St. Agatha, west of Waterloo. Julia will talk about early inns in Upper Canada and would be glad to sign your copy of In Mixed Company: Taverns and Public Life in Upper Canada. You can get more information by going on the Waterloo Region Museum website www.waterlooregionmuseum.com or phone 519-748-1914 to order tickets which are $100 each (a tax receipt for a portion of the ticket will be issued). It promises to be a fun evening.