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RunawayJim -

I think there is to a degree. While many of us just want to drink good beer, there are often too many people who spout out their knowledge like they're special and look down upon anyone who either disagrees or doesn't drink quality beer (which is totally subjective). Like people who think that those who love Magic Hat or Saranac aren't really into craft beer because those beers aren't good enough.

Stan Hieronymus -

Zak points to several of Tandleman's posts, all worth our time. But I'd say this one, AND the comments, are an essential read:


That doesn't answer your question. I'm still thinking about it. I will be doing that in my living room, which is not soulless, particularly when beers with soul are being consumed. (You must read the post and comments for that to make sense.)

Pivní Filosof -

I think it all depends on the attitude of the drinker. There are people out there who feel they are special because they've been able to drink or get their hands on a beer that nobody around them has ever seen, or because they "understand" sour, extreme, etc. beers. Either way, I could call them "snobs" rather than elitists.

Velky Al -

Given the dictionary definition of elitism as "consciousness of, or pride in, belonging to a select or favored group." then perhaps there is an awful lot of elitist attitude within the beer geek world - especially when I hear people question my love of beer just because I didn't go to Bamberg when I lived in Prague (and yes it happened), or when you listen to people waffle on and on and on about the "famous" brewers they know.

All of that is, in my opinion, antithetical to the very nature of beer as the everyman drink, and makes me nervous of craft beer becoming just another middle class, Volvo driving, Aran sweater wearing, "lifestyle accessory".

morebeer215 -

I agree with RunawayJim. Saranac & Magic Hat are NOT good enough.

Velky Al -


Good enough for what? What is the definition of "good beer"? Given that there is no objective way of measuring a beer as either good or bad, it is utterly futile to claim any breweries products are "good enough".

Alan -

Saranac's Imperial IPA alone makes such a suggestion questionable.

Gary Gillman -

But don't enthusiasts in any field have their say, whether it be in cars, gardening, software, dogs, old china or whatever? Each field has a vocabulary particular to it, and each person who has more than an average interest will try to persuade others what is intereresting or superlative. All can choose what level of detail to address. Just an example, I like chocolate. I see countless new types on the market, 90% cocoa this, estate that. To me a good chocolate bar is a birthright no less than a good pint, but I don't mind all the specialist fuss out there, I pay no mind to it. I try the odd different type once in a while but have no interest to delve into it further even though I am sure there is a whole online world devoted to this. It's what you make of it really. Even in beer any enthusiast has limits. One area I can't stand is discussions of colour in beer and the different ways to measure it old and new. I couldn't give a toss! But I don't mind it if they want to talk about that, I'll wait until the chat returns to something more in my line. The great thing too about beer is, everyone who likes it can (if they choose) contribute something, it has so many facets.


dave -

I'm right along with Gary, and is the path I also choose.

Spencer -

Of course there is. I mean, why do you even have to ask the question? :-)

I'm backlashing (is that a word) against that trend, recently. I'd rather drink an excellently brewed American lager at a local brewpub* than spend $10-20 for another huge, overblown, hop-laden product of a "brewer with attitude".

*You gotta visit Wolverine State Brewing on your next trip through SE Michigan.

Alan -

I gotta have a next visit to SE Michigan...