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Knut -

A law saying that you should have a line on the glasses could be ok, then they should be free to use whichever fractions of metric or imperial measures they'd want to. To hail this as a victory is beyond me.

Simon Johnson -

Well: someone's got to drink VB and they have a marketing campaign to run, regardless of result.

Smaller serving size? A plan to reduce consumption dressed up as offering wider consumer choice.

Why pass a law? To ensure the consumer gets what they ask for, that a pint is a pint is a pint. Or a half. Or a third. Or two-thirds. Which may or may not include the head. Blame Magna Carta.

Why change the 'small' definition? Marketing again. The stats look better with Boston inside the tent.

Aerosol beer? It's the future. I bet Brewdog are all over the idea already.

olllllo -

Where is your sense of tradition and quality?

Don't make me start CaMSA (Campaign for Manually Spritzed Ale)

Alan -

Manual Spritzing is utterly separate and inferior to our aerosol dispensing traditions. CAMSA is an utter abomination to the members of CAMBA, the Campaign for Beer by Aerosol.

Jeff Alworth -

With regard to the point about defining US 'craft beer.' It's useful to have some metric to study the rise and fall of craft beer in the US, and so arbitrary numbers about barrelage are silly. But it's also silly to boot craft brewers who, while continuing to make exactly the same beer, band together in a consortium, as did Widmer-Red Hook-Goose Island (and ?) when they formed Craft Brewers Alliance. One day my Widmer is a craft beer, and the next it's not. Like holy water, but in reverse, de-sanctified.