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Craig -

Isn't Guinness and champagne called a Black Fog? That's a beer cocktail, right?

Barm -

It's called a Black Velvet and it's vile.

Stephen Beaumont -

Also from my email response, Mr. McL:

The important thing in all three is to maintain the integrity of the beer while crafting a drink that is not necessarily better, but different.

Alan -

I don't see an email but that is an excellent statement of principle.

Stephen Beaumont -

My email to the author of the story, I mean.

Alan -

See, you need to keep me in the loop on these things.

Martyn Cornell -

Barm - you need to use FES to make a black velvet, ordinary draught Guinness is too weak. Cooper's Extra Stout and Australian sparklig white wine make an excellent black velvet, I can tell you. Dog's nose - gin and beer - is a very old mixture. And Mann's Brown Ale is a very fine substitute for any cocktale requiring cola.