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Jeremy -

Except that the "cheap" six pack you are getting of Rogue, or Southern Tier, etc. is still up to double the price of the macro stuff. The taxation and transportation structures have more to do with that than anything else. I once bought a bottle of World Wide Stout in Buffalo only to see a 24 pack of Keystone Light for sale at the same price elsewhere. I think the point of Cass's article is more that if the "minimum" price of a six pack is higher, then more people are going to be willing to pay the "premium" for good beer.

Alan -

I am not sure that model works. We have macro-lager for 29 bucks a 24 as well as marco-lager well over the 40 buck range in Ontario. I can get good craft beer sixes for well under ten in NYS including many under 8. I am no more going to pay for good beer here at 13 to 15 bucks a six than I am going to pay Ontario prices for Blue when I get it for a third of that 37 minutes from here.

Bottom line: I don't care at all if there is a "greater craft beer community" if it means breaking the rules of economics by watching prices go up. Cheap and niche is fine with me.

Jeff Alworth -

Well, according to our local correspondent, the Portland Beer Price Index has been flat for well over a year. Prices at the top end are exploding (barrel aged 22-once bottles, et al), but regular sixers are standing pat. (And, given that the average ABV continues to rise, you could argue the value is getting better.)