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Pok -

What interests me about all this is the use of the word "ale". Was an "ale" an event of drinking? A session?

Craig -

The amazing thing is that, even though it went ka-put, that town had a party, every year, for 250 years. That's a pretty amazing feat in itself.

For you Pok: http://zythophile.wordpress.com/2010/11/17/bride-ale-–-too-many-of-you-are-getting-this-wrong/

Martyn Cornell -

Pok, it seems to be quite common to transfer the name of the drink to the event, eg "afternoon tea" is the event, which will, of course, include sandwiches, scones and so on as well as a pot of tea, and the Irish phrase for a feast, "cuirm agus ceol", literally "ale and singing". In England they also had "church ales", which were events (with ale specially brewed) to raise money for the local parish, and, as the link Craig points to, "bride ales", which were wedding parties.

Martyn Cornell -

… oh, and Alan, I'm not clever than you, I just spend too much more of my time reading old books when I should be getting out enjoying myself in company more …

Alan -

You are, you are! I spend all my time reading my old comics and the liner notes of mid-90s soft rock lps.