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Jeff Alworth -

Whoo hoo!

First of all, I'd like to acknowledge what everyone will instantly recognize: if they had been standing on that little landing outside the koelschip, they'd have taken the shot, too. It's no testament to my skill as a photographer (poor, a fact I am reminded of anytime I look at one of Matt Wiater's photos), just to my luck at being in Cantillon when the wort was splashing into the koelschip.

By weird harmonic convergence, I have a post on Cantillon and Boon in the hopper for tomorrow morning, including this picture. In that post I described the moment I visited the koelschip, which was invested with an air of communion. I have so long enjoyed lambics and so long heard about the Brussels area where they're made that when I arrived on that landing, I just stood in the mist and soaked it in. Taking photos was actually a bit tough--my camera kept fogging up. Once I finished documenting the event, I went back to enjoying it. I even returned a little later on for another hit.

I'm with Alan--Cantillon gets outsized attention when so many other breweries make amazing beer in anonymity. That didn't detract from my moment of communion, which was one of the three or four Spalding Gray-esque perfect moments of my European adventure. I think somehow that came out in the picture.

So thanks, Alan!

Jeff Alworth -

Oh, and the Oregon thing. It just goes to show you're a man of integrity, unwilling to let bias enter into the picture. I mean, sure, you can't swing a virtual dead cat through cyberspace without hitting an Oregonian, but that shouldn't enter into it.



Thanks Alan for kind comments on the book, enjoyable competition, worthy winner, I love Cantillon, but then I love so much beer I fear that I would drown in the love it provokes within me.

Bailey -

Very well deserved win for Jeff. That's Austria in our pic -- Schaerding, just over the German border, very near Passau. An absolutely lovely little town with several breweries.

Jeffrey -

Congrats Jeff! Great post Alan. I truly enjoyed only scrolling down far enough to read each paragraph and see each picture one at at time. Very fun!