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Bailey -

Really can't get on with Innis and Gunn -- across the range, I find them far too sweet and sugary. Quite a lot of people seem to enjoy them, though, so I guess this is one of those "matter of taste" situations.

The Beer Nut -

What Bailey said. Barely drinkable, IMO.

Thanks for the prize, but... I've already spent an afternoon this year watching that old soak get tiddly. What do I have to do now?

Peter Collins -

Thanks for the prize! I like Taps and having it delivered will be a great bonus.

Kudos for running a fun contest with lots of terrific prizes and ton of quality entries. Looking forward to next year.

Alan -

Good point about the sweet. I am not against it. I would like to see a bit more acidity work its way into their beers but I have too many pals who quite like these beers to not think about them. They are like export stouts in their degree of sweet, Sinha stout.

Alan -

Oh, one more thing, Beer Nut. That photo is brilliant. It's as good as the the absinth drinker.

The Beer Nut -

Daww, thank you. There's something peculiarly continental-European about an old Soviet-era temperance poster and a Tarantino one on the walls of the same pub. No-one who thinks about what to put on pub walls would do that.

Alan -

Exactly. There is a huge amount of latent violence in the photo. The little machine gun on the shelf in front of the Kill Bill poster, too. And the hockey goalie stick. In Canada, that might serve as the "peace maker" for the bartender.

Jerry -

Hey, thanks a million!

Jeff Alworth -

You have listed the photographer, but not the reasons--though the table header promises me you will. Do tell.

Alan -

Good point!

Mark -

I never did find the Cheap Beer on the Kenai, although I did cross Alaska Smoked Porter (and other Alaska Brewing offerings) off my "to drink" list this summer. Thanks for the prize and let me know what you need.

Ed Carson -

Thanks Alan, For setting up and running a fun and seemingly off-the-cuff contest, And for having the wisdom and fore-sight to have your monitor settings make my photograph look good! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Insight-filled New Year!