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Jerry Davison -

Sorry about the photo size ... I work in graphics and ASSumed bigger was better! Oops.

Jerry Davison -

PS ... I'm from West Peoria, IL

Alan -

Not a problem! I have a 2009 laptop that I was able to size it on. What a gorgeous fridge. There is an inn over of Wolfe Island that has one but there is no glass, it's all oak and hidden out back.

Roshan -

Oh dear! I didn't mean to send it in for the contest but hey it feels nice to have my "humble quality" photos to make it here LOL. 1971 quality (I hang my head in shame)!
And dude, Christmas is celebrated all over India, especially in Kerala which has a large Christian population, 19% of the total. Very few Jews though, despite my hometown having the oldest Synagogue in the Commonwealth.

Alan -

Listen, don't sell yourself short. There are many paths to achievement. We have a long distance prize that you are winning at the moment as long as someone living in the Seychelles doesn't send in a picture.

Alan -

That fridge made it to the top 100 US bars list.